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A system designed to stabilize if not eliminate exchange risk between member states of the EMS as part of the economic convergence policy of the EU. It permits currencies to move in a measured fashion (divergence indicator) within agreed bands (the parity grid) with respect to the ECU and consequently with each other.

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The total financial result of all completed transactions and deposits/withdrawals on the trading account.

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An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the underlying asset at a specific price on or before a given date. A call gives the option holder the right to buy, while a put gives the option holder the right to sell. The price at which the option is executed is known as the strike price.

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(i) In the UK, used to describe loans issued on behalf of the government to fund its spending. Longs are gilts with a redemption date between greater than 65 years. Mediums are those with a redemption date between 5 and 65 years. Shorts are those with a redemption date within 5 years.

It is crucial that you monitor any exposure you have in the forex market. Having a close eye on how your trades are doing will help you maintain control and follow market movements as they happen.

Some novice FOREX and/or CFD traders begin trading without having sufficient knowledge of their chosen currency pair (s) and how currencies are influenced by global events. You should learn as much as you can about how different financial markets impact each other and how they intercorrelate, . stocks, bonds, commodities and forex.

The repayment of debt by an issuer at stated regular intervals through purchases in the open market or drawings by lot.

The maximum price fluctuation permitted by an exchange from the previous session&rsquo s settlement price for a given contract.

Futures are one of the most capitalefficient investment vehicles available. What does this mean? Simply stated, with futures you can make a larger investment using a much smaller amount. This can be described as &ldquo leverage.&rdquo Leverage can be a boon to investors on the winning side of the market as gains can be greater with futures than with other investments, but it&rsquo s a doubleedged sword. Leverage can also inflict a lot of pain if you are on the losing side. If you&rsquo ve bought real estate, you&rsquo re probably already familiar with how leverage works. Say you buy a $855,555 home with 75 percent down ($65,555). In five years, if your home has appreciated to $865,555, that&rsquo s a $65,555 gain, or a 655 percent return on your initial $65,555 down payment.

Official rate set by monetary authorities. Often the fixed exchange rate permits fluctuation within a band.


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